Advocating Less Meat, Better Meat

Farm Forward’s Leadership Circle champions a “less meat, better meat” strategy for the schools, businesses, and other institutions that serve hundreds of millions of meals in the U.S. each year. Developed by Health Care Without Harm, the “less meat, better meat” framework can help institutions reduce their use of animal products overall (“less [...] Read More

Our Biggest Year Yet

Farm Forward is a team of strategists, campaigners, and thought leaders guiding the movement to change the way our world eats and farms. What sets us apart from other animal welfare groups is our visionary leadership that looks beyond suffering reduction to the overall institutional and cultural change that will end factory farming. [...] Read More

Farm Forward Welcomes New Team Member

With your support Farm Forward is leading the movement to change the way our world eats and farms.  DONATE  My name is Heather Armstrong, and I am the author of a blog called dooce®. Today, I am honored and excited to announce that I have joined the Farm Forward team as their Director [...] Read More

University of California Commits to Purchasing Certified Higher-Welfare Eggs

The University of California (UC) system recently announced that eight of its ten schools will now purchase eggs from certified higher-welfare farms. Eggology—a company that sells Certified Humane cage free eggs—will supply these schools with all of their liquid eggs. The UC is the first major university system to make such a significant [...] Read More

Change is Coming: Revolutionary Animal Welfare Announcement for Factory Farmed Chickens

In an effort to increase transparency, Perdue Foods, one of the largest poultry producers in the U.S., has announced revolutionary animal welfare standards that will impact more than 600 million birds per year. Most importantly, this plan recognizes what Farm Forward has been saying for over a decade: chicken genetics are the key [...] Read More

Making Farmers Part of the Solution

Can the very people who raise and kill animals for consumption also defend them against the abuses of factory farming? Not everyone agrees, but at Farm Forward our answer has always been an emphatic “Yes!” Our unique approach is helping to create a united front where farmers, consumers, and animal advocates work synergistically [...] Read More

Factory Farming is Bad for Investors, Too

Factory Farm

Everyone knows that factory farming is bad for animals, humans, and the environment. Now, with our help, a growing number of financial institutions are realizing that it's bad for investors, too. With input from Farm Forward, a groundbreaking new report calls into question the wisdom of investing in industrialized animal agriculture. Published by [...] Read More

Transcending Borders to End Factory Farming

Since 2013, Farm Forward has worked to identify and help fund some of the most innovative programs working toward humane and sustainable agriculture in South Asia. Our granting programs especially aim to empower India’s hundreds of millions of farmers[note]Prachi Salve, "How Many Farmers Does India Really Have?", Hindustan Times, August 11, 2014, available here.[/note] to find [...] Read More

Unilever Victory

**Update in March 2016** In June 2014, we launched to raise awareness about a widespread but little-known form of cruelty within the egg industry: the killing of male chicks who are deemed worthless for egg production. Since only female chickens lay eggs, the egg industry doesn’t have any use for the male [...] Read More


Update (July 1, 2010): Just a few months after Farm Forward joined a broad coalition of groups working toward the passage of a ballot initiative in Ohio that would ban some of the cruelest practices in industrial agriculture, hundreds of thousands of signatures - more than enough to ensure that the measure would reach voters [...] Read More


While campaigning for "Prop 2" in California late last year, a ballot measure that required the phasing out of some of the most inhumane factory farm methods, Farm Forward declared that the tide of public opinion has turned against intensive confinement farming in a decisive way. Prop 2 is now law and the [...] Read More

Yes! on Prop 2

There was a lot more at stake in the 2008 elections than you might think. On November 4, 2008, Californians were asked to vote on what was perhaps the most important piece of legislation ever drafted to help farmed animals in this country. The Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act—Proposition 2—which sought to [...] Read More