Fair Food for a Fair Price

Today, chickens that grow at roughly three times the rate of the chickens our grandparents ate account for more than 99 percent of the chicken meat sold in the United States. The quality of chicken meat has suffered and chicken welfare has paid a terrible price. As consumers have grown more conscious about [...] Read More

What Do All of Those Animal-Welfare Labels Mean?

For years, Farm Forward has worked to create a more transparent and humane food system. Consumers demand greater transparency within this system, especially when it comes to animal welfare. Finding products raised in accordance with their values often proves impossible because factory-farmed animals dominate the marketplace. Third-party animal welfare certifications are a key [...] Read More

Change is Coming: Revolutionary Animal Welfare Announcement for Factory Farmed Chickens

In an effort to increase transparency, Perdue Foods, one of the largest poultry producers in the U.S., has announced revolutionary animal welfare standards that will impact more than 600 million birds per year. Most importantly, this plan recognizes what Farm Forward has been saying for over a decade: chicken genetics are the key [...] Read More

A Revolutionary Ballot Initiative for Animals

There is a strong national movement to ban one of the cruelest practices in animal agriculture—the use of cages and crates for confinement on factory farms. On November 4, 2008, Californians voted to pass perhaps the most important farmed animal protection legislation ever written in this country. The Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty [...] Read More

Eating Animals Documentary

With animal studies a quickly growing interdisciplinary field around the globe, Farm Forward recently launched the Eating Animals Education Project to increase the reach of this important book to students everywhere. Farm Forward sponsors an annual series of virtual visits by author Jonathan Safran Foer to high school and college classrooms. In addition [...] Read More

Featured Operations

Farm Forward is committed to supporting the ranchers, farmers, and entrepreneurs who are increasing the availability and market share of more humanely produced meat, eggs, and dairy. Here we feature some of the farms and corporations that have impressed us most. Most farms today have become not just factories, but fortresses lacking even [...] Read More

Keeping Kosher Update

Unethical slaughter methods continue to be commonly used in the production of kosher meat sold in the United States and Israel, but resistance to these outdated practices is mounting due to public pressure. The most well known problem is the abysmal slaughter conditions common in South American plants that provide a large portion [...] Read More

Are Cowboys Kinder?

Cattle raised for beef are the only farmed animals in America that typically spend a significant portion of their lives outdoors and free of intensive confinement. Although factory farming has devastated traditional cattle husbandry, the beef industry has resisted the factory farm model more than any other form of animal agriculture (including dairy [...] Read More

Support Our Work: Progressive Farmers

Thank you for choosing to support Farm Forward’s work with a tax-deductible donation! As a smaller nonprofit organization, we are able to avoid many of the administrative costs that come with size and can promise that every dollar you contribute will be used with care and prudence to promote our work. Donations in [...] Read More

Anything Goes

What the Hummer is to fuel efficiency, poultry is to animal welfare. No food in the nation produces more suffering than poultry. Factory farming had its beginnings in the poultry industry in the 1920s, and no other industry has been so altered by its methods and logic. To make matters worse, birds raised [...] Read More

Lassie vs Babe

Happy Pigs

There are good reasons why some people keep pigs as pets: When given the chance, a pig is capable of relating to a human guardian with the same degree of loyalty, playfulness, and regard as any dog. In a natural, nonthreatening environment, pigs are able to learn and respond to their own names, [...] Read More

Eating Animals Now In The Classroom

Want Jonathan Safran Foer to visit your classroom in Spring 2017? Click here for ideas on how to use Eating Animals in your classroom. As articles in the New York Times[note]James Gorman, “Animal Studies Cross Campus to Lecture Hall,” New York Times, January 3, 2012 (accessed January 10, 2012)[/note] and the Chronicle of Higher [...] Read More