Fair Food for a Fair Price


Today, chickens that grow at roughly three times the rate of the chickens our grandparents ate account for more than 99 percent of the chicken meat sold in the United States. The quality of chicken meat has suffered and chicken welfare has paid a terrible price. As consumers have grown more conscious about [...] Read More

What Do All Those Animal-Welfare Labels Mean?


For years, Farm Forward has worked to create a more transparent and humane food system. Increasingly consumers are demanding greater transparency within this system especially when it comes to animal welfare. Finding products raised in accordance with their values often proves impossible because factory-farmed animals dominate the marketplace. Today, third-party animal welfare certifications [...] Read More

Independent Farmers are Being Trampled by Big Ag


Updated: December 14, 2016  Today, The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Administration (GIPSA) announced updated regulations to protect farmers. Under GIPSA, small poultry farmers receive basic protections like making it illegal for companies to retaliate against farmers, and offering them access to a jury trial if grievances arise. The [...] Read More

University of California Commits to Purchasing Certified Higher-Welfare Eggs


The University of California (UC) system recently announced that eight of its ten schools will now purchase eggs from certified higher-welfare farms. Eggology—a company who sells Certified Humane cage free eggs—will supply these schools with all of their liquid eggs. The UC is the first major university system to make such a significant [...] Read More

Making Farmers Part of the Solution

Farm Field

Can the very people who raise and kill animals for consumption also defend them against the abuses of factory farming? Not everyone agrees, but at Farm Forward our answer has always been an emphatic “Yes!” Our unique approach is helping to create a united front where farmers, consumers, and animal advocates work synergistically [...] Read More

Eat Well. Do Good.


Over the past four years we’ve worked with poultry farmers and animal welfare experts to build a cutting-edge resource for consumers seeking higher-welfare poultry products and plant-based alternatives. These efforts have culminated in the launch of BuyingPoultry, our free online guide that not only shows you which products are best and worst nationally [...] Read More

The Future of Food

Hampton Creek Foods eggs

American entrepreneurship has changed the world more than once and will play a key role in defeating the factory farm. Farm Forward spoke to executives from two companies (Hampton Creek Foods and Beyond Meat) that recently turned the head of Bill Gates. These compassionate companies are using technology to create “cleaner food” with [...] Read More

Unilever Victory

Victory 1910x1070

**Update in March 2016** In June 2014, we launched BuyingMayo.com to raise awareness about a widespread but little-known form of cruelty within the egg industry: the killing of male chicks who are deemed worthless for egg production. Since only female chickens lay eggs, the egg industry doesn’t have any use for the male [...] Read More

Reinventing the Poultry Industry


**Updated in March 2016** What the Hummer is to fuel efficiency, poultry is to animal welfare. No other farmed animal in the U.S. endures more suffering. As it stands, birds raised for meat have absolutely no protection under the law. The Humane Methods of Slaughter Act is the only piece of federal legislation [...] Read More

Current Legislation

United States Capitol

Select editorials: Columbus Dispatch, "Deal on animal care means no fall ballot issue" USA Today, "Antibiotics benefit farm animals (and people), but at what cost?" New York Times Op-Ed, "The spread of superbugs" Legislation to Improve the Lives of Animals In the past, inadequate or nonexistent legislation to protect animals has kept the [...] Read More

Anything Goes

Anything Goes 950x623

What the Hummer is to fuel efficiency, poultry is to animal welfare. No food in the nation produces more suffering than poultry. Factory farming had its beginnings in the poultry industry in the 1920s, and no other industry has been so altered by its methods and logic. To make matters worse, birds raised [...] Read More

Historic Welfare Legislation

United States Capitol

About a decade ago a small group of animal advocates introduced a first-of-its-kind bill in the Illinois legislature that would have phased out the barren battery cages now used in the production of eggs—cages so small that most all of today’s hens cannot even stretch their wings. With the United Egg Producers (UEP) [...] Read More