Fair Food for a Fair Price


Today, chickens that grow at roughly three times the rate of the chickens our grandparents ate account for more than 99 percent of the chicken meat sold in the United States. The quality of chicken meat has suffered and chicken welfare has paid a terrible price. As consumers have grown more conscious about [...] Read More

What Do All Those Animal-Welfare Labels Mean?


For years, Farm Forward has worked to create a more transparent and humane food system. Increasingly consumers are demanding greater transparency within this system especially when it comes to animal welfare. Finding products raised in accordance with their values often proves impossible because factory-farmed animals dominate the marketplace. Today, third-party animal welfare certifications [...] Read More

Our Biggest Year Yet


Farm Forward is a team of strategists, campaigners, and thought leaders guiding the movement to change the way our world eats and farms. What sets us apart from other animal welfare groups is our visionary leadership that looks beyond suffering reduction to the overall institutional and cultural change  that will end factory farming. [...] Read More

Independent Farmers are Being Trampled by Big Ag


Updated: December 14, 2016  Today, The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Administration (GIPSA) announced updated regulations to protect farmers. Under GIPSA, small poultry farmers receive basic protections like making it illegal for companies to retaliate against farmers, and offering them access to a jury trial if grievances arise. The [...] Read More

Farm Forward Welcomes New Team Member


With your support Farm Forward is leading the movement to change the way our world eats and farms.  DONATE  My name is Heather Armstrong, and I am the author of a blog called dooce®. Today, I am honored and excited to announce that I have joined the Farm Forward team as their Director [...] Read More

Connecting Faith With Food Choices


Farm Forward believes that the power of faith just might be the factory farm’s most powerful new enemy. Our Faith in Food Initiative is the largest national effort to promote community-specific efforts to fight factory farming from a faith-based perspective. The Faith in Food Initiative activates spiritual leaders within faith communities and works [...] Read More

Making Farmers Part of the Solution

Farm Field

Can the very people who raise and kill animals for consumption also defend them against the abuses of factory farming? Not everyone agrees, but at Farm Forward our answer has always been an emphatic “Yes!” Our unique approach is helping to create a united front where farmers, consumers, and animal advocates work synergistically [...] Read More

Compassionate Action


Farm Forward’s longstanding religious outreach work includes building an unprecedented network of connections in diverse religious communities. We’ve cultivated ongoing conversations about the plight of farmed animals with leading Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, and Daoist spiritual leaders. As we launch our latest faith-based initiative, we reflect upon the leaders that have [...] Read More

Faith in Food: New Ethical Food Initiatives


By speaking to the core issues of meaning at stake in the question of eating animals through existing projects like our Jonathan Safran Foer Virtual Classroom Visits, and by building new strategic partnerships with religious institutions through our new Faith in Food Initiative, we can reinvigorate the movement to transform the factory farm [...] Read More

"Eating Animals" Reading Guide

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 9.20.51 AM

Welcome to Farm Forward’s reading guide for Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer. Whether you have already read the book or are simply interested in learning more about it, we’ve collected a number of resources here to assist you. Below you will find key excerpts from Eating Animals, questions to guide discussion in [...] Read More

Foer’s Virtual Classroom Visit

Eating Animals

On March 30, 2017, Farm Forward will hold the fifth series of “Virtual Classroom Visits” with Jonathan Safran Foer! Participation is welcome from college and high school classes, and we also encourage interested individuals and organizations within and beyond academia to join us in this complimentary event. Sign up now to participate! On [...] Read More

Eating Animals Documentary

With animal studies a quickly growing interdisciplinary field around the globe, Farm Forward recently launched the Eating Animals Education Project to increase the reach of this important book to students everywhere. Farm Forward is now sponsoring a series of virtual visits by author Jonathan Safran Foer to high school and college classrooms, in [...] Read More