Independent Farmers are Being Trampled by Big Ag

Updated: December 14, 2016  Today, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Administration (GIPSA) announced updated regulations to protect farmers. Under GIPSA, small poultry farmers receive basic protections like making it illegal for companies to retaliate against farmers, and offering them access to a jury trial if grievances arise. The [...] Read More

Making Farmers Part of the Solution

Can the very people who raise and kill animals for consumption also defend them against the abuses of factory farming? Not everyone agrees, but at Farm Forward our answer has always been an emphatic “Yes!” Our unique approach is helping to create a united front where farmers, consumers, and animal advocates work synergistically [...] Read More

Factory Farming is Bad for Investors, Too

Factory Farm

Everyone knows that factory farming is bad for animals, humans, and the environment. Now, with our help, a growing number of financial institutions are realizing that it's bad for investors, too. With input from Farm Forward, a groundbreaking new report calls into question the wisdom of investing in industrialized animal agriculture. Published by [...] Read More

Taking Factory Farms Out of Higher Ed

An increasing number of institutions are joining consumers in seeking out food choices that align with their values.[note] Animal Welfare Institute, “Consumer Perceptions of Farm Animal Welfare,” accessed August 24, 2015, available here[/note] College students and dining service administrators alike want to make sure that the products being served in their cafeterias are [...] Read More

Reinventing the Poultry Industry

**Updated in March 2016** What the Hummer is to fuel efficiency, poultry is to animal welfare. No other farmed animal in the U.S. endures more suffering. As it stands, birds raised for meat have absolutely no protection under the law. The Humane Methods of Slaughter Act is the only piece of federal legislation [...] Read More

Current Legislation

United States Capitol

Select editorials: Columbus Dispatch, "Deal on animal care means no fall ballot issue" USA Today, "Antibiotics benefit farm animals (and people), but at what cost?" New York Times Op-Ed, "The spread of superbugs" Legislation to Improve the Lives of Animals In the past, inadequate or nonexistent legislation to protect animals has kept the [...] Read More

What Is Hybrid Poultry?

You’ve heard about genetically modified soy and corn, but genetically hybrid chickens? In the United States, virtually all the chickens and turkeys raised for meat or eggs—including those labeled natural, organic, and free-range—are from hybridized birds. “The poultry industry has hidden the problems stemming from hybrid genetics from public view more effectively than [...] Read More

Antibiotics and Agribusiness

According to the Union of Concerned Scientists a staggering 24.6 million pounds of antibiotics are fed to farm animals in the U.S. annually,13.5 million pounds of which would already be illegal in the EU because of the risk they pose to public health.[note]"Hogging It! Estimates of Antimicrobial Abuse in Livestock," Union of Concerned [...] Read More