Funded in part by a successful Kickstarter that received national media coverage in outlets including Wired and Fast Company, Farm Forward spent years working with leading poultry farmers and animal welfare experts to create BuyingPoultry—a free online and smart phone-based buying guide that takes the guesswork out of finding alternatives to factory farming.


Today, the story of American poultry is a sad one. Almost all chickens and turkeys in America are raised in dismal conditions on cramped factory farms, and confusing labels and marketing claims make it difficult to distinguish higher welfare products. Both consumers and farmers are frustrated by a broken system that has destroyed the links that once made it possible for Americans to buy poultry they trusted. Animals have paid the biggest price, suffering unprecedented levels of disease and deprivation.

BuyingPoultry cuts through the noise to reconnect conscientious consumers with higher welfare poultry products by ranking every poultry brand and product in the US, so you know how they treat their animals. With BuyingPoultry, consumers can see who’s best and who’s worst nationally and in your local grocery store, find information about what these companies can do to improve conditions for animals, and it’s easy for everyone to add their voices to the cause. The site also provides information about the best plant-based alternatives and where you can find them.

Ultimately, BuyingPoultry wants to stimulate the creation of a new, kinder poultry industry—an industry in which farmers themselves demand the highest level of welfare and consumers are able to find a safer, more humane product for a fair price. Learn more about the history and initial launch of BuyingPoultry.