Our Work



The Jewish Initiative for Animals empowers Jewish communal institutions across the US to create ethical food policies that are challenging the status quo of factory-farmed animal products.



BuyingPoultry is the premier resource for consumers and institutions to find and buy higher-welfare poultry products, making it possible for Americans to buy poultry from sources they can trust.



We led the campaign that pressured this multinational corporation toward a first-of-its-kind victory for male breeding chicks within the egg industry.


GAP Standards

We played a leading role in growing what is now the nation’s largest animal welfare certification overseeing the welfare standards that shape the lives of more than 290 million animals.

Good Shepherd Poultry Institute

We are helping Frank Reese share his knowledge with the next generation of farmers by launching the Good Shepherd Poultry Institute (GSPI). With Frank as its “Farmer In Chief,” GSPI will be the first educational institution of its kind.