Advocating Less Meat, Better Meat

Farm Forward’s Leadership Circle champions a “less meat, better meat” strategy for the schools, businesses, and other institutions that serve hundreds of millions of meals in the U.S. each year. Developed by Health Care Without Harm, the “less meat, better meat” framework can help institutions reduce their use of animal products overall (“less [...] Read More

USDA to Expand High-Speed Pig Slaughter Program

Farm Forward is proud to join a diverse coalition of more than 35 consumer, labor, environmental, public health, animal protection and civil rights organizations opposing USDA’s expansion of a high-speed hog slaughter program. We need your help—sign the petition below! If passed, the “Modernization of Swine Slaughter Inspection” rule will revoke maximum slaughter [...] Read More

Farm Forward Statement on Sexual Harassment and Discrimination

Headlines from the last two weeks have documented serious problems with workplace sexual harassment within the anti-factory farming movement. The most thoughtful discussions have put the problems with harassment inside the broader frame of pay inequity and chronic discrimination based on sex, gender, and race. That such discrimination is unacceptable should go without saying, [...] Read More