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With animal studies a quickly growing interdisciplinary field around the globe, Farm Forward recently launched the Eating Animals Education Project to increase the reach of this important book to students everywhere. Farm Forward is now sponsoring a series of virtual visits by author Jonathan Safran Foer to high school and college classrooms, in addition to supporting educators with a robust collection of subject-specific assignments and experiences shared by professors who are already assigning the text.

We are pleased to announce that a documentary film version of the New York Times best-selling book Eating Animals is in production! Farm Forward collaborated extensively with author and Farm Forward Board Member, Jonathan Safran Foer, for three years while he wrote Eating Animals. Just like Foer’s book, the documentary will use a combination of humor, adventure, muckraking, and memoir to explore the realities of contemporary animal agriculture alongside the complexities of food ethics.

The Eating Animals documentary is being produced by Academy Award®-winning actress and animal welfare advocate Natalie Portman and directed by Christopher Quinn, the award-winning director of God Grew Tired of Us. We are thrilled to see these acclaimed filmmakers tackle the important subject of animal agriculture.

Farm Forward CEO Aaron Gross met with Portman and is working as closely with Quinn on the documentary as he did with Foer on the book. As preparation for the film, Quinn and Gross visited many of the locations mentioned by Foer in Eating Animals, including farms using high-welfare practices, like Good Shepherd Poultry Ranch, Niman Ranch, and BN Ranch. On a separate trip, Quinn traveled with Farm Forward Program & Policy Coordinator Michael McFadden to visit East of Eden Farm, one of several North Carolina operations raising heritage chickens on pasture. Just as importantly, Quinn and Gross also traveled on public roads adjacent to factory farms in California (that would not allow filming on their property) and met with animal advocates who have gone undercover to see firsthand the cruelty of industrial agriculture and slaughter.

Farm Forward believes the film will build even greater momentum in the push to end the abuses of factory farming, introducing new audiences to the worst and best of animal agriculture and inviting them to think about eating animals in new ways. We hope you are as excited to see the film as we are!

Is there something you’re excited to see in the film? Let us know and we’ll make sure to share the best ideas directly with Jonathan, Natalie, and Christopher! Just post your ideas on our Facebook page or drop us an email. And if you’d like to join us in supporting this important film, please consider making a donation to Farm Forward.

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